Don’t Forget an Extra Camera Battery (or 2)

Remember the olden days of travel photography when you’d be face to face with a destination highlight like Niagara Falls, only to realize you’ve reached the end of the roll of film in the camera, resulting in a search for overpriced emergency film. Happily, those days are gone, taken over by the age of digital, the number of snaps limited only by the capacity of a tiny card. However, all this cool technology won’t work without a battery, and it’s astonishing how fast a camera’s battery can drain. Don’t be caught off guard when you’re ready to snap the shutter to get that award winning shot. Pack a spare battery that charges while the other is working hard in the camera. Even better, bring two spares – one to charge, one in the camera, and one ready to replace the one in the camera.

One more thing – don’t be like me and forget the battery charger. I lost both a charger and battery when I left them plugged into the wall of a hotel somewhere in my travels. Nowadays, I carry two chargers and all five of my batteries because it’s in my nature to forget stuff. This time I’ll be prepared.