Skip the Port Shopping Talk

C9EF7C69-3E28-4D8A-87EC-320E397C75EB.JPGEvery port on a cruise has opportunities for shopaholics to shop ’till they drop. Cruise lines and select port merchants know this and will team up in hopes of grabbing some of those consumer dollars. As a result, the crew will offer an hour-long talk on where they think you should shop, and will hand out a list of recommended shops including a map of how to find them with the promise of big savings or a free gift when you get there. Jewelry is a perfect example. What you’ll usually end up with is a high-pressure pitch to guilt you into paying too much for a piece you don’t want. Instead, skip the ship’s port talk and spend that hour in the hot tub! Once in port, get your shopping fix by going where the locals go. The prices are better, and you’ll most likely be buying something beautifully hand-crafted by a resident artist.