Tips for Stress-Free Thanksgiving Travel


Holiday travel can be stressful, even when you’ve planned ahead and think you’re all prepared to battle the crowded airports or roads. Here are a few tips to ease the holiday journey:

1) Avoid flights and land travel on the busiest travel days of the year – the day before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after. If schedule allows, opt for Monday or Tuesday. Even an early flight Thanksgiving morning may have you sailing smoothly through the airport. Likewise, a return trip home on Friday will be easier on the nerves than waiting until Sunday.

2) Download an App (like “Gate Guru”) to your smartphone so you can check in, map out the airport, confirm your seats and check your flights. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to navigate the airport.

3) Pack light and carry on. Many other Holiday travelers may have the same idea, so consider shipping bulkier things ahead to your destination.

4) Planning a road trip? Gas up the car and leave early before dawn or drive overnight before the crowds clog the road. Plan your route using GPS or old-fashioned paper maps and have a backup route just in case.

With a little forethought and planning, you’ll arrive for turkey dinner calm and relaxed.